Why we do what we do

Pre warning, this is a bit of a rant. Today I have decided to address an issue that has been bothering me lately. It is a very dear to my heart subject. That is to say it is people judging me and others for enjoying this great hobby. Just because I choose to spend my income on cars. But people don’t understand that I don’t waste my money on like I do not have a coffee every day. By not doing that I have much more money to use on my cars. I also find it a little funny because they choose to judge me when they most likely have a bunch of credit card debt and are actually in a much worst place than me. Besides that who are they to judge me and the way I use my money that I worked hard for.  Now I will talk about my car dreams

I am debated what I should do next. I think it would be really cool to get a brz and then turbo it. This would get me to around 320whp safely. While that isn’t a crazy amount it is pretty good since it the brz is only about 2700lbs. It is also praised as one of the best handling cars of all time if I did I would need to get a brz exhaust as it sounds pretty bad stock. Another option is getting a wrx and going stage 3. This would pull pretty good from what I have seen. The biggest downside though is that it can only handle about 320whp witch isn’t all that crazy.  But on the upside there are plenty for sale around me, they look good and They have four doors and five seats which makes it a pretty good choice for driving people around. One of my favorite choices is the evo x. I love the look of it plus it has 4 doors. It is also the easiest to get power out of. Just a few bolt ons gets me to around 330whp. But it has the benefit of forged internals and a strong stock transmission which would allow me to upgrade the turbo and run around 430whp. This would make it very fast. While still being reliable. It also has the benefit of awd witch would be a big help because I live in Canada and do lots of driving in the winter.

Last but not least is a mustang gt. Most likely a a 4.6 but a 5.0 would be great if I could find a reasonably priced one.  If I picked up a 4.6 then I would defiantly get a supercharger as it does not have much power stock. I would also add an exhaust as it would def need one.

Thanks for reading this rant everyone.…

Our First meet!!!

The video above is some great footage off our first official meet. I would like to thank all those who came at. Stay ready for our next meet as it will be much better. Also we where thinking that it might be worth it to bring in some bouncy castles and other stuff. Like some of those sumo suits. As we think they could be a great way to bring more people out and let the people who already come out to make some new friends.  Some thing like this  We would also get some of the gladiator stuff so we can see who the best frs owner/ warrior is. Check out this site often for more updates. If you would like to come all you need is a 2 dollar door check and you are in. You can also get reserved spots if you pay 15 dollars ahead of time. See you there!…